The Value of Using a Good Recruiter

For a company that needs the IT resources that are hard to find in today’s market, a good recruiter can add a great deal of value in identifying and closing that right hire.

A good recruiter can:

  • Access the hard to find talent, since this is our area of expertise and what we do for a living.
  • Augment HR departments that don’t have the bandwidth to support all the openings or don’t have the technical expertise to vet a resume.
  • Understand the client’s environment/culture and know what candidates will be a good fit both technically and culturally.
  • Offer a sound check meaning: is your salary range competitive for the skill set you need, are you a company that a candidate wants to work for, what do you offer the candidate above and beyond a paycheck.

In turn, a good recruiter wants:

  • Prompt feedback so we can course correct if necessary.
  • Respect for our services and time – return our calls and tell us everything we need to know regarding the position so that we can do an excellent job for you.
  • Clients to listen to advice as we are your eyes and ears in the marketplace.
  • We guarantee that when we have the relationship described above; we can make your lives a lot easier, at least at work.

Technical Connections’ team of recruiters have assisted candidates with varying levels of experience and industries, and have even worked with them throughout their career advancement. Based in Los Angeles, we offers a full range of services, including retained search, contingency placement, and short- and long-term consulting for web, software and information technology professionals.

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