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You've Accepted the Job - Now What?

It's official - you've accepted an offer on a new job starting next month! The ink on the contract has dried, you've turned down any counteroffers, and now you wait. Right? Well, not exactly.

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Finding a New Job = Understanding You

There are many reasons to be on the job market -- whether to seek a promotion, make more money, or improve work/life balance, it's only natural to move and grow into a new role or function. But as you embark on the journey to find that next great…

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Should You Take a Contract Position?

Imagine yourself in this scenario: Your phone keeps ringing with calls from recruiters telling you about new contract opportunities, but because you've previously worked in full-time roles, you turn them down. Until one day you get a call that checks off…

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3 Task Management Tools to Help You Work From Home

Staying focused and productive while working from home has been an area of transition for some professionals – albeit a welcome one, for the most part, in the tech space. According to CNBC|SurveyMonkey’s most recent Workforce Happiness Index, out of…

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